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Read Thousands of Books, Travel Thousands of Miles
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2010/11/25 Click:25 Author:pi jun

In order to attain wisdom, it is not enough merely to read books, so you must be well travelled as well. The ZUEL 2008 EMBA Study Tour in the U.S.A. included a total of 37 students.They enjoyed the 15-day pleasant study tour in the U.S.A. during the time ranging from September 22, 2010 to October 6, 2010.

During this study tour, the students mainly studied in the University of California-San Diego, Harvard University and The United States Military Academy at West Point and visited Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc, the top-end universities in the world. The study tour teams friendly and harmonious atmosphere made the teacher and students benefited a lot.

In the western part, the students firstly enjoyed the Innovating and Developing Management: Growth and Development of Enterprises, a vivid course given by Professor Vish Krishnan, in the University of California-San Diego. With campus covering more than 500mu (about 33.3ha), the University, being famous for the scientific research, has cultivated a total of sixteen Noble Prize Winners. Following that, the students visited the Chamber of Commerce LA located in Los Angeles. Some experts introduced the U.S.A.s investment opportunities and projects under the current background of financial crisis to students, which aroused their extensive interests. Some entrepreneur students also asked the contact information including phone number and email from them and expressed their expectation for further contact. 

Professor Guhan Subramanian from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School instructed the Analysis on Core Concept of Negotiation: How to Create Long-term and Stable Mutually Benefited Agreement in Harvard Universitys Faculty Club Classroom, which boasted more than 100 years history. The Harvard Business Schools original and classical case teaching course made our students fully appreciate the greatness of the worlds top-end business school. The teacher and our students also carried out the enthusiastic interaction. Our students remarkable behavior also deeply impressed the professors from Harvard University, who had shown great interests in the cases with Chinese special features provided by ZUEL EMBA students and hoped to involve them into Harvard Business Schools cases.

In The United States Military Academy at West Point being famous for "Leadership Cultivation", Doctor Sean T. Hannah, the colonel, gave a lesson in the Individual and Organizations Leadership and Leadership Cultivation, shared the course of leadership and strategic management with students and provided the detailed introduction of many aspects in terms of individual and organizations leadership, leadership cultivation, strategic leadership and strategic thoughts, etc. After the lesson, at the Hudson River Bank under the clear sky, Doctor Sean enthusiastically guided them to visit the picturesque campus of the school and provided a detailed explanation. Eisenhower, Patton and MacArthur, etc, the figures changing the history, made all the students highly praise the contributions to the U.S.A. by The United States Military Academy at West Point.

The overseas study tour is the organic part of the experience-oriented teaching mode in ZUEL EMBA Program. Studying and visiting the top-end overseas business schools can help students enhance their internationalized vision, realize the differences between Chinese and western management, change thoughts and make reform and innovation. In addition, the study tour activity can reinforce the exchange and cooperation between ZUEL and the worlds top-end business schools, expand the international resource network, as well as promote ZUELs brand reputation in the world.


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