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Listen to the Lecture by Master, Have a Cordial Conversation on Classmate Friendship
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2010/11/25 Click:1 Author:pi jun
(Reported by Correspondent Pan Helin) On October 31, 2010, Chinese Economic Reform and Development Situation Report and 2010 Annual Meeting of Beijing EMBA Alumni Association was grandly held in Jianyin Hotel, Beijing, which was sponsored by ZUEL, MBA School, and undertaken by China Railway Engineering Consultants (Group) Co., Ltd. More than 150 alumni representatives from Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, and Shandong presented on this meeting. Professor Cheng Siwei, being the former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, and a well-known economist as well as Professor Cai Fang, being an NPC Standing Committee member, a well-known economist and a director of CASS Institute of Population and Labor Economics were specially invited to present on the meeting for delivery of two special presentations which may carry forward and deepen " ZUEL, EMBA Lectures" and "Open Courses".
Professor Chen Xiaojun, vice-president of ZUEL, attended the Meeting on behalf of ZUEL and delivered a passionate speech. Apart from that, she also expressed gratitude to the two famous economists invited to make special presentations for our schools EMBA students on behalf of ZUEL. Professor Wang Haisu, dean of MBA School, addressed a speech on behalf of the School. Li Yongmao, general manager of No. 4 Power Construction Company of Shanxi Province, and the representative of alumni, expressed the appreciation to our school on behalf of all alumni. The opening ceremony of the Meeting was hosted by Hu Lijun, vice-dean of MBA School.
The topic of presentation delivered by Professor Cheng Siwei is Chinas Economic Development in Post-crisis Time. According to Professor Cheng Siwei, everything starts becoming normal after the outbreak of economic crisis this year, making the problems especially complicated. When mentioning the housing price, Professor Cheng Siwei added that the future housing price tends to experience a downward trend in a certain period, but it is expected that the price will not see a sharp decrease. For the first-tier city, the price is expected to drop by 25% at maximum, while it is not possible to take a plunge. For a long-term view, it will continue to increase.
For Chinas stock market, Professor Cheng Siwei said: "The recovery of stock market is approximately two seasons ahead of the cycle of economic recovery. Based on this logic, if our countrys economic transition is smooth in the second half of this year and the first half of next year, the cycle of economic recovery will be shortened and Chinas stock market is expected to basically market out of the bear market in the first half of next year.
Professor Cai Fang has conducted deep research on the issues of population, labor mobility and income distribution, etc, for a long time and has become a famous expert in this field. The topic of his speech is New Characteristics of Chinas Economic Growth in the 12th Five-Year Plan. He deemed that although Chinas salary witnessed the continuous increase, the manufacturing industry still boasts comparative advantages.
Professor Cai Fang added that during the 12th Five-Year Plan, Chinas economy will see the changes of capital and labor elements in terms of the relatively lacking situation. The price of cheap labor force in the past will climb, while the capital which was in shortage previously will become relatively sufficient.
During the Meeting, Professor Cai Fang also reminded the entrepreneurs graduating from EMBA of ZUEL that the workers requirements will significantly increase in the future, which should not be neglected. The better the enterprises are, the more the requirements asked by workers there will be.
The alumni presenting at the lectures were extremely interested in the two experts lectures. During the interaction, they enthusiastically raised questions to the two economists, who also patiently answered many hot issued concerned by them.
In the last process of the Meeting, Beijing EMBA Alumni Association of ZUEL held the general election ceremony. The new council of Beijing EMBA Alumni Association was elected during the Meeting. Chen Chunsheng, EMBAs alumnus in 2003, was appointed as the president of the new Beijing EMBA Alumni Association. Chen Xiaojun, the vice-president of ZUEL, and Wang Haisu, the dean of MBA School, awarded the letter of appointment to the newly elected leaders of the Second Beijing EMBA Alumni Association.
The Meeting achieved the complete success and realized the expected effects.
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