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Students’ Union 2012 Was Established
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2012/03/14 Click:0 Author:Pi Jun
On March 10, ZUEL MBA School’s Students’ Union 2012 was established. Xin Nie (Vice Dean of MBA School), MBA teachers and members of the Students’ Union were present at the establishment conference. The conference was hosted by Jie Deng, the newly elected General Secretary of the Union. 
Vice Dean Nie spoke highly of the Students’ Union’s performance last year. And he stressed that its function should be sustained and passed on. Xufeng Wang, the former chairman of the  Union, reviewed and summarized its work last year, and expressed his congratulation to the new members.
The conference reached its climax when flag-giving ceremony began. Ying Wang, vice director of MBA Programme announced the new name list of the Students’ Union 2012.
Jie Huang, the newly elected chairman, promised: “we will carry out our work strictly and practically, we will behave in accordance with the School Motto, and we will never let you down.”

During the conference, entertainment programmes were presented by the new members of the Union.

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