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Cases Research Centre Held Seminar on MBA Case Teaching
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2012/03/15 Click:0 Author:Pi Jun
In the afternoon of March 13, 2012, “Seminar on MBA Case Teaching and Development” was held by ZUEL MBA School in Room 208, Wenjin Building. The seminar saw the presence of Professor Haisu Wang (Dean of MBA School), Professor Lijun Hu (Vice Dean of MBA School), Dr. Xin Nie (Vice Dean of MBA School), Associate Professor Hao Wen (Director of “Chinese Finance” Management Cases Research Centre) and more than 20 MBA teachers. The seminar was hosted by Associate Professor Hao Wen.
Before the seminar, Dean Wang granted honor certificates to Dr. Peng Du (School of Business Administration), a representative of those who won the first “100 National Excellent Teaching Cases” Prize.
Associate Professor Wen, on behalf of “Chinese Finance” Management Cases Research Centre, delivered a welcome speech to the present leaders and teachers and made a brief introduction to the  status quo and operating mechanism of “Chinese Finance” Management Cases Research Centre.
Later, Dr. Peng Du (School of Business Administration), Dr. Hongqing Sun(School of Business Administration) and Dr. Qi Zhang (School of Accountancy) talked their opinions on and experience of case research, establishment of case library and case teaching.
During the free discussion, the attendees expressed their own views and made suggestions to the Centre. When it came to an end, the seminar was highly spoken of. In the future, similar seminars will be held occasionally so as to promote communication and learning among MBA teachers.

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