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How to Deal with Crises?
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2012/03/22 Click:0 Author:Pi Jun


In the evening of March 17, Professor Clarke L. Caywood of Northwestern University came to ZUEL MBA School, and gave a lecture on crisis management to MBA and EMBA students.
Before the lecture, Professor Clarke presented his newly-published work to MBA School. And Professor Haisu Wang, Dean of MBA School, gave him a gift in return.
During the lecture, Professor Clarke demonstrated many examples of crises. He proposed that a company should carefully design its products before a crisis, and that a company should possess a complete coping mechanism to deal with the crisis. He also said that companies, especially big ones, should establish the consciousness of crisis management. He stressed that biggest loss of a company in a crisis didn’t lie in the legal costs but in its company image and stakeholders.
Professor Clarke concluded that action and communication are the two main actors in crisis management. And he summed up the principle of Seven Rs.
After the lecture, Dean Wang gave a comment on Professor Clarke’s lecture and spoke highly of it. 


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