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MBA School set up Management Consultancies Association
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2012/05/15 Click:0 Author:Pi Jun
      On May 15, Establishing Conference of MBA Schoos Management Consultancies Association and Forum for Management Consulting Practices were held in Room 206, Wenjin Building, Shouyi Campus of ZUEL.
       During the Conference, preparatory group of the Association reported the preparatory work in details; the Association Charter was passed; consultants were hired; Chairman, vice Chairman and executive directors were elected. Professor Haisu Wang, Dean of MBA School, was elected as the General Consultant; Professor Lijun Hu (Vice Dean), Dr. Xin Nie (Vice Dean) and Yanming Wang (MBA Programme Office) were elected as the advisors; and Jun  Fu was elected as the Chairman. The Registration Certificate for Student Society was granted to the Association by Qin Han, Deputy Secretary of the ZUEL League Committee. Some other associations, such as the Association of Administrators, Drucker Management Association for College Students and Association of Entrepreneurs, sent their congratulations. Dr. Xin Nie hoped that the Association would stick to enthusiasm, make innovations in MBA education and leave an indelible mark on MBA history.
      After the Conference, Mr. Jie Ma (famous business management consultant, and Masters’ supervisor) gave a lecture on management consulting practices. Mr. Ma applied theory study of MBA to the practice of business management, sharing his ideas and wisdom on management.
     MBA School’s Management Consultancies Association is a student society freely established by those MBA students who are interested in management consultancies. The Association will invite experts, both domestic and foreign, to give lectures and forums, engage its members in salons and seminars, send its members to excellent corporations to study management experiences on the spot, train its members for Examination of Management Consultants, collect and offer cases and study materials on management consultancy, communicate with other associations of ZUEL, cooperate with neighboring institutions, and carry out other activities which are related to management consultancy or are in favor of its members. 


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