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Zhipeng Zhang Shared His Opinions on Corporate Culture
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2012/06/10 Click:0 Author:Pi Jun

         On June 9th, Colonel Zhipeng Zhang (from Nanjing Army Command College) delivered a lecture to MBA students. The topic of the lecture was “Life Beliefs and Corporate Culture”. About 100 students attended this lecture.

Firstly, Colonel Zhang talked about the nature of corporate culture and summarized that corporate culture is of great importance to the long-term performance and success of an enterprise. Secondly, he made a comprehensive analysis on  corporate culture from the perspectives of explicit culture vs. implicit culture, dominant culture vs. sub-culture, and boss culture vs. collective culture. At last, he mentioned again the nature of corporate culture, and concluded that the significance and mission of establishing corporate culture lies in belief, which endows the enterprise with value in return. 
When talking about life beliefs, which are the most important source of corporate culture, Colonel Zhang focused on how to forge lasting and stable beliefs. He analyzed from five aspects: knowing yourself, learning to give up, coming into contact with religions, exploring intelligence and owning your complete feelings. Using the examples of famous people such as Yangming Wang, Jet Li, Shi Wang, Shiyi Pan and Xin Zhang, he further explained the process and significance of setting up life beliefs.
At the end of the lecture, several students asked Colonel Zhang some questions about belief and corporate culture. Colonel answered these questions patiently, and gave some sincere suggestions. He suggested that the students should learn more about religious culture, understand other people, tolerate each other, and care for the disadvantaged groups.

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