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Famous Alumni
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2019/04/19 Click:21 Author:

Famous Alumni Representatives

According to Times Higher Education, by investigating the CEOs among The FORTUNE world top 500 enterprises, the newspaper has ranked their old schools. It turns out three schools in Wuhan have ranked top 100, while Zhongnan University of Economics and Law ranks the 78th place.

The famous alumni of our university includes:

                Dong Mingzhu, CEO of Gree Group, and also she is the CCTVs China Economic Figures of the Year 2013.

                    ZHU Fushou , the general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Party Secretary of Bank of China;

                                            ZHU Xiaohuang, the president of China Citic Bank;

                                                 TIAN Guoli, the Party Secretary of Bank of China

 Table Some Outstanding Alumni of the ZUEL MBA School

After more than ten years of sound management and progress, the School has formulated a good reputation upon which an increasing number of applicants in Shenzhen and Hainan choose ZUEL MBA programmes. The faculty members in turn have benefited quite a lot from the teaching and conducting research in these regions. Moreover, a large number of excellent MBA students have successfully graduated from the teaching sites, which forms excellent alumni resources. Refer to Table below for Some Excellent MBA Alumni in Shenzhen and Hainan.

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