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MBA Class Visit US Prestigious Universities
Source:MBA Education Center Date:2019/05/04 Click:14 Author:Liu Lin

To improve students’ international vision and cultivate international business talents, some MBA students were invited to the World Prestigious Universities study tours at the beginning of 2019 Spring Festival.

During this trip, students visited world-renowned universities such as MIT, Yale University and Pennsylvania University, and also went to Harvard University where they had business courses from this top university in the world.

A professors, with 27 years of teaching experience, shared ideas on the culture differences between Chinese company and American ones. He explored the business foundation in China and US, and the importance of entrepreneurship. He also analyzed excellent business cases. Students benefited a lot from this class. At the end of the course, the professor gives certificate of completion of Harvard Business School to each student and they had photos together.

Besides international courses, the tour also includes visiting the headquarters of Citibank and MIT. At Citibank Headquarters, students were amazed by the international investment bank after the Vice President showed the global asset allocation plan designed for high net worth customers ($25 million or above). At MIT Headquarters,  Remko, a senior engineer, introduced the concepts and applications of big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things, and the future of artificial intelligence.

Experiencing the different living environment between the China and Us was an essential part of the tour. Students enjoyed the visit to all kinds of museums, art galleries and cafes. It is exciting to watch live NBA, enjoy musicals, have the authentic Michelin French food ,Boston lobster, authentic American hamburger, hot dog, and have boat view of Manhattan and Statue of Liberty.

The study tour to US Prestigious Universities is a compete success and it is an unforgettable experience for MAB students.

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