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1 Career development plan

 Under the MBA Programme Office, the School sets up the Career Development Office to construct the market-based MBA career development guidance system with a view to improving the professional competences of the MBA and EMBA students, expanding their career development horizon as well as building a multi-leveled career development platform. The career development service system can be presented in the following four aspects:

1.1 Career development guidance

The career development guidance aims to offer a holistic evaluation for MBA students’ career development, including career design consultancy and vocational aptitude tests. See Table 1 for some lectures on the career development for the MBA students.

Table 1 ZUEL MBA Career Development Lectures




Apr. 13 of 2014

He Huawen

Effective Communication

Sep. 10 of 2014

Chen Fang

Career Plan

Dec. 10 of 2014

Chen Fang

Character Analysis

Oct. 18 of 2014

Yao Shi

Self-exploration and Effective Communication—Nine Types of Personality

Nov. 19 of 2014

Huang Qionglin

Professional EQ

Aug. 22 of 2015

Luo Yibing

Interpreting Why You’re Unhappy

Nov. 21 of 2015

Shen Wei

Improving Professional Qualifications for Professional Success

Nov. 21 of 2015

Zhang Zengji

No Confrontation Against Trend

Apr. 28 of 2016

Wang Yuhua

From New Hand to General Manageer: My Professional Story

Nov. 9 of 2016

Chen Xinjie

My Diversified Tourist Life

June. 24 of 2016

She Youyuan

On Current Selection of Entrepreneurship Ppportunity

Sep. 23 of 2017

Wang Zhong

Planning Professional Career for Common Future—MBA Career Opportunities and Career Development Plan

Mar. 31 of 2018

Lu Weijun

Science and Techonology Company’s Demand on Talents in Big Data Times

Mar. 31

Shen Wei

Going ahead for Professional Success—From 60 to 90 Points

June 9 of 2018

Guan Shenghong

Talent Upgrading and Development Strategy in the Circumstance of Industrial Institution Transformation

Nov. 15 of 2018

Zhou Qi’rui

Employment, Selecting Jobs and Entrepreneurship

Dec. 9 of 2018

William A. Hanlin

On Professional Competences and Career Development of Appraisers

Dec. 18 of 2018

Han Sujie

On Entrepreneurship Modes and Innovation Methodology in Higher Education Instituions in Internet Era

 The School has been keeping close contact with the University Employment Guidance Centre and delivers recruitment information to students via the Employment Information Net of the University. “Career Development” column on the MBA Centre’s website is designed for issuing recruitment information, offering career psychological counseling, and career guidance, etc. For more details, see the website of the MBA Centre.

 The School Career Development Centre actively communicates with the School Employment Guidance Centre, and offers links to the University’s career guidance columnssuch as “University Students Vocational Aptitude Tests”, “Pre-career Online School”, “Employment and Entrepreneurship Classroom”, “China University Students Employment Knowledge Service Platform”, “Employment and Entrepreneurship Studies”, etc.  

1.2 Career development training and recommendation

 The School provides students with specialized knowledge by offering series of lectures and minor courses. For instance, the famous specialists or managers in human resources management are invited to give lectures. The MBA Centre also cooperates with professional training institutions to offer basic training in working ethics and professionalism to students as well as improve their resume writing and job application skills, etc.

 On the basis of good relationships with relevant enterprises, the School provides students with company-visit, internships and work opportunities so as to help them participate in the management of actual enterprises to enrich their real-world experience in the form of practice project. For details, see Appendix 9.8 List of Internship Bases of School of Business Administration ZUEL.

 In addition, the School, attaching great importance to the career development feedback of the MBA alumni, has made up ZUEL School of Business Administration MBA/EMBA Graduate Survey and ZUEL School of Business Administration MBA/EMBA Alumni Feedback Survey respectively to follow the students’ career development and collect their feedback, which will greatly benefit employment guidance.

1.3 Employer survey

 The SBA, giving priority to employers’ expectation on students, via establishing strategic cooperative relationship with them and irregular employment survey, designs and integrates innovative strategies to follow closely the changing demands of employers on the MBA talents. The School irregularly conducts surveys on employers and medium-level and high-level professional managers nationally by distributing online and paper questionnaires with a view to understanding the group characteristics of MBA students and their employment preferences as well as asking employers and the third-party institutes to offer effective suggestions for optimizing talent fostering in the view of talent demands. The surveys show that the employers have relatively higher recognition of the quality of our MBA students. They agree that our MBA students are equipped with solid foundation of professional knowledge, good comprehensive qualities, flexible adaptation and good potentials for career development. They owe the quality MBA students to the following factors: scientific and proper training scheme, well-defined structure of curricula and appropriate teaching contents.  

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