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ZUEL EMBA Alumni Won the 2019 "Influencer of the Year"

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2020-06-26 , Author:


Visiting Alumni Enterprise--Hubei Changjiang Investment Group Co., Ltd...

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2019-05-23 , Author:


President Yang Canming's Delegation Visited Alumni Enterprise Red Star...

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2019-05-07 , Author:


DONG Mingzhu appointed as Chairwoman of Entrepreneurs’ Union of ZUEL ...

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2018-12-28 , Author:


LI Xianwen: a Lead Investor in a Recession

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2018-01-16 , Author:


ZUEL MBA Alumni Returned School

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2017-06-28 , Author:


An Interview with Jiang Qing

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2016-04-06 , Author: pi jun


ZUEL MBA Alumni Returned Home at 10th Anniversary

Source:MBA Education Center, Date:2015-12-13 , Author: pi jun

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