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 Faculty team research quality

I.Research institutes at the levels of University and School

 ZUEL, breaking down the original walls between schools, taking the overall evaluation of a discipline and cross-discipline as breakthroughs, sets up 147 research institutes, each of which, basically consisting of the backbone teachers of a discipline, attracts the talents on-and-off the School and the excellent experts on-and-off campus as part-time research staff. In this way, the research staff with different disciplines and backgrounds, sharing the same research platforms, jointly conduct academic, course and practice studies and achieves good effects. For details, see materials provided in the baseroom.

 In order to serve the local economic development, in the past five years, the University set up six scientific research institutes, namely, the Hubei Cooperative Innovation Center for Industrial Upgrading and Regional Finance, the Hubei Research Institute of Economic Construction, theAnti-terrorism Research Center, the Certified Public Accountants Industry Development Research Center, the Socialist Core Values Research Center, and the Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Intellectual Property Discipline Innovation and Wisdom Introduction Base in the New Era. The above institutes won the support of the local government and offered platforms for faculty’s studies on business practice. In the meanwhile, many teachers have been engaged in drafting of major national laws, industry standards (for example, national accounting standards, asset evaluation standards) as well as local regulations and development planning, etc..

 Taking the SBA as an example, as the main pillar School of the MBA education, its 18 characteristic research institutes not only provide strong support for promoting academic exchanges and discipline integration, but also meet the needs of MBA education development. In 2010, the Enterprise Value Research Center was awarded the title of the National Asset Assessment Discipline Construction Base by the Ministry of Finance and China Asset Evaluation Association. In 2015, it was included on the list of the National Intellectual Property Investment and Financing Pilot Programmes approved by the State Intellectual Property Bureau.

 The Research Center of Open Economic in the New Era founded in Jan. 2018, relying on the advantageous disciplines of economics, management and law of ZUEL, following the new pattern of opening to the outside world in the new era, and earnestly taking into considering the hot and difficult issues needed to be solved urgently in China's opening to the outside world, carries out the latest research that affects the national and even the world economic development.

In June 2018, the said Center and the Economic and Trade DepartmentoftheSBAjointlylaunchedthe“BriefingontheOpenEconomicDevelopment of Hubei Province”, regularly reporting scientific research results and research information to the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, the Department of Commerce, peer colleges and universities, offering advice and opinions for China's economic and social development as well as providing consulting services to the relevant decision-making departments. In 2016, the School and the HUST Data Exchange Agency jointly established the Big-data-based Finance Research Center and the Big-data-based Asset Evaluation Research Center to carry out exploratory research closely in line with the frontiers of business practice.

II.Faculty research output

1. Faculty research projects

 ZUEL, featuring social sciences and liberal arts, ranks top among domestic universities with regard to research in social sciences and liberal arts. Taking the National Social Science Fund as an example, the University was awarded 31 projects, ranking top among the universities of economics and law and the third among those in Hubei Province.

 The quantity and quality of research projects of the SBA ranked top in the University each year. The sources of the projects are varied, including National Social Science Fund, National Natural Science Fund, Planned Programmes of the Ministry of Education, those of the Ministry of Finance and other ministries, Social Science Fund of Hubei Province, Scientific and Technological Projects of Hubei Province, those of the Department of Education of Hubei Province as well as the projects commissioned by enterprises and governmental agencies (see Table 1). The School encourages and supports faculty to conduct practice-oriented research, be engaged in enterprise consultation programme and organizes the teachers of different disciplines in conducting cross-disciplinary research, whichconforms to the internal requirements of the MBA education, i.e., being practice-oriented, application-oriented and integration-oriented. Besides, the School faculty cooperates with enterprises, starting from their demands and focusing on their development, conducts consultation or research targeting at certain problems to help them solve practical problems, and thus promoting their development. This conforms to the requirements of MBA education, i.e., being practice-oriented, application-oriented and integration-based.

 Table 1  An Overview of Research Projects of SBA Faculty in 2016-2018






 number of projects





 total fee (million)





 Vertical ResearchProjects

 number of projects





 total fee (million)






 number of projects





 total feemillion





    2. Faculty papers and monographs

 In recent five years, the University, relying on the platforms of its disciplines of economics and law, fully displays its advantages of integrated disciplines and talent-gathering, caters to the national major strategic demands, serving China’s economic and social development, and has gradually shaped the unique Zhongnan Model as one of the major think tanks in the fields of economics, finance and law. The SBA keeps improving its level of research and social service, strengthens the match between its research fruits and social demands & local development, vigorously securesthe support from all circles of society and local governments, and thus forming the most extensive common sense and the strongest joint force in supporting its first-grade discipline construction via fruits transformation and sharing. Plenty of its research fruits won the great recognition of the leaders at or above the provincial level or the level of ministry. (See Table 2).

 Table2 An Overview of Papers, Monographs and Consultation and Investigation Reports of SBA,ZUEL in 2016-2018





 Papers published at or above the third-grade domestic journals





 Foreign journals





 Academic monographs





 Consultation and investigation report expert advice

4;1 winning the leader’s great recognition

3;1 winning the leader’s great recognition

15;6 winning the leader’sgreat recognition

22;13 winningthe leader’sgreat recognition

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