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1. MBA Alumni Association and EMBA Alumni Association

Both the MBA Alumni Association and the EMBA Alumni Association have et up the Committee Assembly, the Standing Committee and theSecretariats, respectively. The Standing Committee is composed of the following members: President, Vice-President and Secretary General.

The Objectives and responsibilities of the Committee Assembly shall be to: represent the Alumni Association of the School as a whole; regulate, interpret and amend the “Alumni Association Rules of the ZUEL MBA Education Centre” on behalf of all the members.

2. Alumni-Entrepreneur Friendship Association

The Alumni-Entrepreneur Friendship Association, being composed of well-known entrepreneur alumni at home and abroad of the University, aims to integrate alumni resources in business circle to build top business platform, foster first-rate public welfare programmes and cultivate future business leaders. In the meanwhile, it is expected to, through this Association, strengthen contact and communication between the entrepreneur alumni at home and abroad, set up a platform for exchanges and cooperation between them as well as promote resource sharing and common development. It’s also expected to gather the wisdom and energy of the entrepreneur alumni at home and abroad for actively carrying out public welfare activities so as to better return to the society and alma mater. Lastly, it’s expected to provide innovation and entrepreneurship counseling for alumni and services intransformation of scientific research fruits and equity financing, etc.

With the support of the Alumni-Entrepreneur Friendship Association, the School has established the following alumni service organizations such as the Real Economy Alumni Association and the Strategic Advisory Committee, etc., aiming at building a platform for exchanges between the School and the alumni as well as the common growth of them. By making use of this platform, the University and the alumni will care for each other, support each other and achieve win-win development. In this way, a new mechanism featuring two-way participation and service will better benefit the growth of the alumni as well as achieve the common building, common creation and common prosperity of the School and the alumni.

 3. Regional alumni association

The regional alumni associations have been established successively in the regions where alumni converge since 2000, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai etc., to name a few, covering the School of Business Administration Alumni Associations in various regions and the MBA Alumni Associations. The Alumni Association branches formed their own organizational structures and leader teams as well as their systems of regulations according to the ZUEL General Alumni Association Rules. Moreover, with a coordinator, each class has set up instant messaging systems--QQ group or WebChat group. The establishment of the School of Business Administration Alumni Associations as well as the MBA Alumni Association branches in China helps strengthen the communication and cooperation between alumni and the University and among alumni.

4. Alumni Service Office

The SBA has established the Alumni Service Office with exclusive administrators and posts for alumni service and management. The responsibilities of the Alumni service Office are to assist the AlumniAssociations in various regions in operating. The Office takes charge of the following activities:

  1. establishing information bank of MBA and EMBA alumni and keeping track of their development;

  1. setting up and updating the School’s Alumni website, and editing alumni periodicals;

  1. being responsible for the reception of the alumni;

  1. assisting the MBA Programme Office and the EMBA Programme Office to invite supervisors from outside the Institution and to invite experts in the process of thesis defence, admission, and reexam;

  1. releasing information of job vacancies provided by the enterprises where alumni work;

  1. assisting in handling the needs, opinions and suggestions of the alumni to the Institution; and soliciting alumni donations.

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