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Major Activities of Alumni Services

The School offers services to alumni via plenty of channels in diverse ways.

1. Establishing website to expand communication channels for alumni

        The School has established an online service system supported by the MBA Alumni Association Branches and the Alumni Service Office. The system offers regular and fast contact among members through the following five kinds of services: “short-message delivery platform, alumni periodical distribution, annual Alumni Reunion Day, class coordinator (one for each class) and an alumni website”. Moreover, the Alumni Service Office has edited six columns of alumni journals named Glory, introducing the School’scomprehensive development to all alumni as a bridge between the alumni and ZUEL.

           2. Providing continuous alumni education and advocating lifelong learning

         The School has designed Returning-to-School Courses and other modesof continuous study; for instance, it hosts lectures irregulary by resorting to the platform of ZUEL Forum, and resorting to the MBA and EMBA Alumni Association Branches, hosts lectures and forums locally related to hot social issues. Furthermore, all the courses are open to the MBA alumni all their lives.

To further satisfy the needs of lifelong learning of the alumni, the School, cooperating with the third-party platform, taking innovation and entrepreneurship education as the theme, has tried the mode of “education + internet”, connecting online and offline learning, and designed a series of courses highlighting case teaching. The Alumni can attend 60 courses, including Internet Marketing, New Media Marketing, Intellectual Property Rights, Big Data Marketing, Business Model, Team Management, Financial Management, Capital Operation, etc. covering all aspects of alumni's practical work.

3. Organizing alumni gatherings to expand social space

          Under the guidance of the ZUEL General Alumni Association, the MBA Alumni Association of the School of Business Administration has been making great efforts in completing its organizations by establishing many new branches, such as Hainan Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Shenzhen Branch, and Dongguan Branch, etc., contributing vigorously to promoting emotional communication and mutual assistance among alumni. In addition to the annual reunion visits at the Institution level, the School also organizes theMBA and EMBA alumni reunion visits.

In the meanwhile, the School holds seminars and MBA salons regularly to strengthen connection between alumni, establish and consolidate cooperation between the School and the business community.

4. Promoting public interest activities to repay the society

The Alumni Association is not only the extension of the Institution but also the carrier of the social moral education of the School. At the very beginning of the establishment of the Alumni Associations, they have been taking “promoting alumni’s awareness of shouldering social responsibility” as one of its core functions and organized a great amount of public interest activities.

5. Publicizing the School to attract excellent applicants

The School maintains new, stable sources of outstanding applicants by improving alumni’s satisfaction and loyalty as well as by word-of-mouth publicizing and personal connections of alumni. The alumni of the School also contribute to the marketing and enrollment of the MBA and the EMBA programmes. Table 1 lists Numbers of MBA Candidates Recommended by Alumni’s Enterprises.

Table 1 Numbers of MBA Candidates Recommended by Alumni’s Enterprises.


Name of enterprise

Number of candidates


China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.



China Bank of Communications



Ping’an Insurance Corporation of China



Hankou Bank



Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd.



China Construction Bank



The Agricultural Bank of China



China CITIC Bank Co., Ltd.


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