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Pastoral care for students

 The MBA programmes extensively recruits talents in various sectors, who are mainly medium-level or high-level executives or technological backbones from all circles of life and have a wealth of experience in business practice. The School pays special attention to exchanges and interactions between them, by resorting to students’ organizations, conducts colorful campus activities to cultivate their social responsibility and professionalism. Measures are as follows:

1. Advocating democracy and participation

 Firstly, the dean of the MBA Centre hosts regular meetings with students and the School also conducts surveys and questionnaires to solicit students’ opinions and suggestions for engaging students in School management, and thus shaping their awareness of democratic participation. Secondly, the School has founded the MBA Students’ Union, through which students administer their own affairs.  Thirdly, by hosting various campaigns like Case Competition, Entrepreneurship Competition and public interest activities, the School provides opportunities for students’ participation and promoting their performance in practice.

2. Carrying out outdoor expend training

 The cultivation of students’ humanistic spirit should not be confined only to campus or classroom. The new MBA and EMBA students will receive outdoor expend training of different themes after they enter the School. The training is a component of the  practice module of MBA and EMBA education as well as a starting point of their life in the School. Besides, the MBA students actively organize activities themselves to promote exchanges and interactions between them. For more information, please see Appendix 2.3 List of Students’ Union Activities of ZUEL MBA Centre in 2016-2018.

2.Providing organizational guarantee for emotional exchanges

 A class adviser is assigned to provide total process service and management. In addition, each class has set up a Class Management Committee with their class monitor as the representative. The Committee will organize student activities, and plays an active role in the communication between students, class advisers and the School. By cooperating with the Mental Health Consultation Centre of ZUEL, the School provides consultancy services to the students. Furthermore, the School has set up the Group for Legal Consultancy Service to provide legal consulting and aid to the students.

4. Emphasizing on shaping professionalism

 The MBA programme and the EMBA programme give priority to adapting its professional teaching to the change of the times. The course of economic ethics was first offered in China to help professional managers resolve the spiritual conflicts and moral paradoxes brought by modern management methods, improve the enterprise credit system, and rebuild approaches to core business values.

5. Providing international students with guarantee

 The School has established a strict and effective system for international students. First, the MBA Centre crafts special courses for them in accordance with their requirements. Second, they are encouraged to exchange ideas with Chinese MBA and EMBA students. Third, they are provided with opportunities for field investigation in relevant enterprises.

6. Providing support to needy or disadvantaged students

 Responding to the policies of the Ministry of Education, the School cuts or exempts tuition fee for the needy students, esp. those disabled or orphanage ones, minority students, off-springs of martyrs, students from families enjoying favorable treatment, etc.. The specific measures on cutting or exempting tuition fee are made by the University.

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